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A few weeks ago I got 2 ferrets PeanutButter (male) and Jelly (female)
They are both as cute as can be. They are super friendly!
Does any one else have ferrets?



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I've got three all dark eyed whites.Two jills and a hob.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
peanut butter jelly time!
peanut butter jelly time!
peanut butter jelly time!
Umm... mousemad, they look kinda dead! LMAO! :lol: :lol:

And i'm assuming that the boys get neutered when living with the girlies???

W xx can do, or get your girlies a yearly jill jab, or breed them. the male brings the female out of season, if she isn't brought out of season eventually she could die. My girlie is due her kits soon.
And they are not dead, ferrets spend about 20 hours a day sleeping!!! :lol:
lucky them x
I have always been curious about ferrets I admit... they do make me nervous, but the only ferret I have handled is a not very socialised 10 week old that one of my friends had many, many years ago.

I adore the polecat marked ones!!

And ferrets have contraception?? Wow! I didn't know that! hehee I seriously need to come to your house mousemad, and meet all your animals! hehee I bet your ferrets are lovely with all the attention they must get!

W xx
They are cool and very tame. They even play with the cats!!
Most people don't understand ferret behaviour, from bieng a small kit to around at least 6 months old they bite HARD :D
You have to be very patient and actually teach your ferret not to. They have very thick skin so when they play together they bite, but it doesn't hurt a ferret. They don't understand us humans are whimps :lol:
But if you take the time to form a good relationship with your ferret, they are as friendly as can be. Mine give me kisses and all sorts x
How do you train them not to bite? I never got bitten by the baby I handled, but it was like a furry eel! lol

W xx
Sound silly but tell them no! Also by scruffing them coz if you were a ferret you would bite them back! so you kinda gotta behave like a ferret!!! You just hae to bite the bullet and handle them LOTS!
Last year when ours had babies we put them in this huge play pen in the kitchen so that everytime someone went in there hey could socialise with them. By the time the ferrets were ready to go to new homes i had done most of the hard work already, and had the scars to prove it :lol:
Young ferrets are like furry pirhanna!!
Oooo... not making me want to get some... LMAO :lol:

I am brave though, I have to be everytime I force my rats to be handled. I got nipped today actually... I swear they think i'm edible.

W xx
I like ferrets. if i had more time to give them i would have a few! but i think they need more time than i have. :(
We let ours run around the house. ferrets are sooooo nuts, they will go mad for a couple of hours and then just pass out for the rest of the day!
found a pick of one of last years babies

The one in the pink jumper is my daughter!!!! :lol:
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Time is an issue for me too... on my days off its fine, but when I work, I work 12 hour shifts =o/

I doubt my partner would let them run around the house! lol

W xx
They do like to sleep in he oddest hubbys prized jammo speakers, the washing basket...but never on top where you can see them you understand, where would be the fun in that? They also hide food everywhere, not their own food usually the dog or cats!
But all in all they are soo funny when they play :D
AW ferrets are so cute! I wish I had one but my house is full, and my father doesn't like them lol. I went to a pet store with good breeders, and got to hold all the babies...none of them bite and are all very good. I got a pic of one of the older ones that crawled down my shirt:

he was such a cutie...he had a black body and a white head lol.
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my ferrets are fixed, as are most sold in the US (at least at petstores)
I love them to death! I was a bit worried about them at first,but these 2 are great
I knew that in America the boys are sold de-scented, but I didn't realise they neutered them too!

W xx
Ahh, I love ferrets!
I have two boys. I used to have three, but sadly I lost my first one, about two weeks ago :(

Hector, 3 years old:

Cerulean, 1 year old (picture from december):
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Yep, in America, males and females are neutered and desented before being sold in petstores.
My ferrets love my husbands shoes,lol
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