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Well I Think (going by the whiskers)
I have got ONE broken fuzzy hairless in my current litter :D
Plus a couple of Blue.

Very happy !!
One concern though 'mum' has split the pups (14/15)
She has 2 nests side by side (she's on her own)
Rather odd but on watching a while she does go from nest to nest and all pups look to be well enough
- anyone else had this ?
bizarre but seems to be working OK so far, so who knows.

Pics (bit blurry still stuck using phone cam.)

'twin nest'


happy happy bunny ! :p

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Yep all hers !! :lol:

There are 14 atm - as I'm pants at sexing little widdy jelly-beanie critters of this size.
Plans on weeding down some but all look to be doing OK so far.
Patchy fuzzy babe will be staying whatever sex - could use another male.
But as all will carry hairless I've got quite a choice with this lot.
Spotted a few frazzled sets of whiskers in there.
Hoping for some good sized fuzzys like mum and thinking reducing the litter would be a help there too....
hard decisions to be made.

However she seems happy enough going from one pile to the other for now !

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Had a half hearted go at sexing but there's still 14.
Can't make my mind up, I had a look earlier and - wow-

A week old now and a proper mix coming through in there.
There's light and dark broken, banded and some shiny babes that deffo. look Satin ?
(possible I guess as had one Blue Satin pop out using the same male)
Unsure if the dark ones all be Blue or if I may have Black in there too.
Plenty of fuzzy and a few normals - unless they turn out semi longhaired...

Stunned !!

Pants photos alert ;)


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I'm still in love with this baby ! :D

Pretty sure is a little lad, but still finding sexing the fuzzy ones a bit of a pain.

All 14 still with us so far, am running on the whole tribe.
Though there are a couple that seem on the small side.
Mum done a *fab* job so far and still looking good herself too.

Also got Satin broken as well as fuzzy broken.
There's 3 light ones that may be broken.
A light banded, a light Satin, a Blue, 2 Blue fuzzys, and 4 pink fuzzys.

Was a well fun clean out counting that lot in and out !!
They've all turned into crazy jumping beans overnight. :lol:
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