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Feline Feed Time

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Feeding time for the felines :lol:
All rescues
Bottom left is Zeeva above her is Boon (was feral, but getting better) top right is Spazzy and below him is Oscar my oldest boy at 11, i also have Luna who doesnt like to eat with the others :lol: she is very similar in looks to Zeeva

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Very nice. That Boon's a handsome devil Is Zeeva a torti , i like her too. ! Guess now i can feel Ok about posting my mousers .
Zeeva is a skinnier version of my Misty, who is about 17 years old and never found a lap she didn't like. My vet calls her tabby/torti, she has a yellow patch on her chest with white edging. I love Boon's markings; kinda like a lynx, maybe, with the spots and the stripes.
Boon is a beautiful boy, he's coming around and let me pat him this morning (cautiously and quickly lol), Zeeva came to me in not so good condition with 8 kittens, she has come along way since i got her a couple of months ago, she still is quite thin but 100% to what she was.
oh and yes, Zeeva is a tortie :D
Boon is what we call a Silver Tabby
Gotta be careful with feral cats; they are never quite as tame as one that was socialized with people from the start. Boon is gorgeous right down to his little white toes!
i think eventually he will come around, but i know what you mean
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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