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:( feel bad

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i just culled my first mice, in my large litter of 12 mice half where bucks added to the 6 bucks from my first litter it was just too many so i desided to cull the 3 day old bucks i feel really bad. I know i did right the litter was too large and there where just too many bucks but i doesnt make it any easyer. does this feeling lessen the more you do it?
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The first time is always the hardest Art.
You're only human .
its hard when you first start. I had a baptism of fire when i first started culling.

I was working for the RSPCA, i was only 17. Inspectors had gone into an abondoned pet shop. Their had been complaints from the neighbours of the smell. All the cages had been left open and the mice and rats had just been breeding like mad.

We took 400 mice and had to euthanase about 200.

I have to admit, you never truly switch off from doing it, but it becomes less traumatic.

you've done the best for your mice

Yes, it does get easier. I would be more worried, if you had not felt bad.
Thanks guys, Mum didnt seem to care i took half her litter away i think there was just far too many for her to deal with and keep track of i found one pup dead this morning and i can only think it was the runt or that she'd lost it in the bedding coz there was just to many of them, great for feeder breeders just not great for me she wont be having another litter but i'm glad she doesnt miss the ones i took away if she did it think i'd of been worse (i'm a big softy)
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