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Fall 2010 "Best Producer" Virtual Photo Show!

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Fall 2010 "Best Producer" Virtual Photo Show

Accepting Entries October 27th-November 25th 2010

1$ Per Entry
Judge: Jack Garcia

This show is open to all varieties within the 2 classes:

Best Dam and Best Sire

In each class, the mouse's progeny will represent the mouse competing. 2-4 get of each entry must be submitted to represent it's dam or sire. These classes are judged on the consistency of type and quality that passed onto the mouses' progeny. Type and structure will have the upmost importance and color will be the last determining factor in placements. The winners of each class will continue on to compete against each other for the title of Best Producer

Submitting Photographs:
Each mouse that is entered along with it's progeny representing it, should have multiple photographs, all at different angles. Both the left and right side, along with a "birds eye view" and a front and rear view. Photographs should be taken straight on as not to distort the proportions of the mouse. A ruler of 12 inches shall also be present in the picture. It is suggested that photographs be taken in natural sunlight with a background as not to distract the eye. If any photo is believed to be edited or enhanced in any way your entry is automatically disqualified and you will not receive a refund. Remember the point and focus is portraying the mouse as it is!

Judging Procedure:
For an unbiased and honest judging of this show all entries will kept anonymous. Our judge will not know or see the mice that are entered until the day of judging (November 30th). He will not know the owners, breeders or names of mice. Upon evaluating his entry he will then give each class placements of 1-4 and determine who the Best Producer In Show will be. On December 1st all placements and wins will be announced. This show will be judged by the ECMA standard though it is not affiliated with or run by the ECMA.

Placements 2-4 of each class will be sent a flat ribbon. The winner of each class will receive a 'mini' rosette and the Best Producer will receive a rosette boasting "Best of Show". Mailing addresses will be collected for shipment of these prizes after judging.

Entry Form:

Please send me all entries in the following format

Name Of Mouse:

Progeny 1
Name Of Mouse:

Progeny 2
Name Of Mouse:

If you wish to submit more than 2 of your entry's get (but no more than 4) just duplicate the form and continue. If you do not wish to send me the entry here you may email it to me at [email protected]. To avoid any confusion and mistakes I ask that you send photographs in the format provided with a photo hosting site (photobucket, tinypic, etc.) and not in file. After your entry is received I will give you information on where to send your payment (through paypal).

Feel free to ask any questions or comment on anything!
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