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Exotic rodents from Europe

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Hi guys, me again.

Just to let you know that I will be offering transport for rodents from the netherlands back to the UK.
It is looking likely that the date will be the 14th August, we will be arriving in the netherlands around 8am and leaving again around 10am.

All certificates and transport arrangements will be organised by me, the cost for transport to the UK would be £25 per person no matter how many animals you require transporting. The animals would be brought back to Kent just off J2 of the M25 and collection would need to be arranged from there unless Im heading your way on another journey.

The current list of available rodents are listed below and prices are in euros

4.4 Harvest mouse (Microtus minutus) 15,- per couple

5.5 African Pygmy Mouse(Mus minutoides) 15,- per couple

Reed vole (Microuts fortis)
1.1 --> 40,-
1.1.5 --> 100,-
Breedinggroup 3.3.4 --> 140,-

2.2 Steppelemming(Lagurus lagurus) 15,- per couple

1.1 Dwarf Spiny Mouse (Acomys spinosissimus) 40,-

1.2 Acacia Rat (Thallomys paedulcus) 50,-

2.2 Common vole (Microtus arvalis) 40,- euro per couple

2.2 Bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus) 40,- per couple

I could also bring fancy mice over as long as the breeder is willing to meet me in the netherlands in the morning at the same place the person offering the above is.
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Dear Dawson, I saw your post here.

Do you still have availability of an Elephant Shrew?

Best, Edward
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