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Everyone LOVES Babies :love

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Here are my first litter it went from 12 to 7.... :? but they are now 5 days old and starting to get some color AND i think i have 2 girls and the rest are boys.
These are out of Black Shorthair x Himi Satin Angora

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New pics of the little ones. If you look really close you can see that 2 of the possible fox/tans have white tails with a white spot on their head the other 2 have full colored tails and no spots.
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2 selfs (possibly black)
1 Pied Self (possibly black)
1 Pied Fox/Tan (possibly black)
3 PEW/ Himi

Not too shabby i dont think
sorry for the pic sizes I tried to download the resizer from this site and it said its not compatible with my version of windows. :(
I dont know why they are suddenly so big i havent had this issue before. the only thing i can think is that since i uploaded them from my phone.

The pied black buck has some cute little booties you can kinda see


some self boys

my pied black buck and black fox buck

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I was wondering where they were pied then you showed a belly shot :lol: So cute!
:lol: Well he has a tiny head spot his tail is half color half pink

yeah he tried to be slick but hes still a cutie i wish i had room for all of them but unfortunately no.

some of the cuter babies i hope to find homes for.
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