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Eva from Belgium

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Hi, I'm Eva. And I live in Belgium. I fell in love with mice in 2007. Since april this year (2011) I restarted breeding them in the colors: black, chocolat & blue. But because I'm restarting, on this moment, I have some other colors as well. Normally you can find me on website (The Netherlands) with the same nickname (Scorpio). I've seen some names here of people that I know, so I thougt, why not registrating? It's a bit difficult in english, but I'm trying. If you don't understand me: ask me or help me out. ;)
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Your English is very good. Welcome to the forums! :D
Welcome :) I can read your English easily, but I am danish, so that doesnt say much :lol:
Let me assure you that your English is positively fantastic compared to my Dutch. We're glad to have you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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