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I honestly wish people would have a bit of sense.
Not even going to START on the contest...I think everything that I would say has been said already!

But...I wish people would stop bringing Lloyd Webber into all musical things...because yeah, OK, he's fantastic, when it comes to MUSICALS. You know? Cheesy, musical storylines with jumping and prancing and a half-arsed ovation at the end...and those teeny tiny ice-creams with no spoon that you have to pay a tenner for. But the guy can't do anything other than that! He can't help when it comes to modern music people actually want to sit and listen to in their living rooms!

Jesus H...

And...shallowly...he creeps me out and don't want to see him on TV. :lol:

Enjoyed Lordi though...last year? Or the year before? The past few years have been a bit weird, sorry!) because I'd had a laugh with a friend listening to them before and was just hilarious to see them on such a usually-lame-and-snoreworthy-booze-fest like the EVSC.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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