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Can anyone tell me what the Enfield show is like? Big or small? Lots of mice to see? :D

Can't make the real London one so thought we might try this one :D

Thanks :D
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Thankyou Sarah :D Will you be going to Enfield?
no,I'm going to the London Champs and can't manage 2 weekends on the trot.
The London champs, hmm do you think that would be too busy for someone to go along to just for a look and maybe a chat with some of the people showing? I looked on the website and it looks huge! :eek: :)
To speak to members etc, then a local show like Enfield is better. The shows like the London Champs are very busy, and most exhibiting members will be out and about looking at the other exhibited species and stalls. There are usually many members of the public looking around the tables and a new member trying to catch someone's eye isn't likely to get noticed. It is a nice day out though with lots to see other than mice so if you do decide to go, PM me and we'll arrange a time for me to be hanging round the mouse table so we can chat. That goes for anyone else going too.

I won't be attending Enfield as I'm off to a wedding but introduce yourself to Eric and Terry, the nice guys who run the show, and they will point out other people for you to talk to as well. You could ask the judge if they mind you sitting nearby and watching. I hope that, if you go, you have a nice day.
Thankyou Sarah :) well the choice has been made for me , got a stinking cold thing so I don't want to pass it around so no Enfield:( but my son has changed his plans for the 12th so we can go to London champs :)
I will pm you if that's still ok:) thankyou very much x
I'm judging at the London Champs.If you get fed up of wandering around you are welcome to pull up a chair.
SarahC said:
I'm judging at the London Champs.If you get fed up of wandering around you are welcome to pull up a chair.
O really! That would be fantastic! Thankyou so much :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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