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enfield show. 6th of november

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anyone going to this show? plus, does anyone know what time it starts and finishes?
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Does this mean I get to cuddle rats? :D :D And I so will NOT be stewarding this time, I aint even showing! They might rope Gentia into it hehehe
The rats will be available for cuddling, they need as much handling as they can get. Genita is going to clip their nails for me, I'd reccommend waiting for that to happen before holding them, I'm covered in scratches today after giving the blighters a bath. I did try to clip the nails myself, got about 3 of Maddies off and Lucy made a squeaky noise when I tried to do hers and I wussed out. :(
Its hard enough doing the piggies nails, I can't imagine doing rats! hehe

K xx
yep the rattys have been washed and clipped.. I only took the very tippy point off as one slip would take the end of the toe off :shock:

I am a little worried about showing one of them.. she has a little scar where the fur grows the wrong way from when she was a pup and had a abcess.. i hope they dont kick her out for it :? she will be good company for the other one though ether way.
Very good show today (even though a small turn out). I found the rat judge Lisa (congrats on your best self) and Val in particular very useful in helping to guide in my first steps of breeding and showing rats. My rats even managed to gather some certificates, unfortunately they didnt have any competion but I still think it was a good achievement for the first show.

Rachel won BIS and BOA both with satins, cant remember the variety though. I was very pleased that my rumpwhite doe won Best Marked and Gentia's rump white won BOA Marked. Well done also to Kelly who won Best Tan
Oh WOW!! You got your ribbons!! Sooo very happy for you all, so wish I could have stayed to see it!

Glad I could make it for a few hours though! It was lovely to see ya xxx
I had a great day! It was my first time showing mice and rats. Thanks to everyone that offered me advice and encouragement.

well done Rachel for your best in show :D and to everyone else who done well yesterday :D

I was so pleased to win a rossette on my first time showing , the mouse that won was a dove tan from a line of show mice I have owned for over a year and never really done much with so It was great to see I had not messed up the stock I was given by sarahc in 2009. :D (thank you sarah)

I am really looking forward to showing again soon ;)
i really enjoyed the show too! only stayed for a short while, but had a lovely chat with a few familiar names on here and picked up two abbys from kelly! THANKYOU!!!
your welcome ;)

It was good to meet you , hope you pop down to this show again soon :D
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