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enfield show. 6th of november

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anyone going to this show? plus, does anyone know what time it starts and finishes?
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judging starts at 1pm ,finishes 6pm or earlier depending on the amount of entries.
I usually go to this one every month... but unfortunately as I have lost most of my mice to resp disease in the last few weeks, I have nothing to show, and even if I did I would not risk bringing anything in.

I have already let Eric know I won't be there... I don't have enough money to justify travelling without showing this time around.

W xx
I am going :O)
I hope it doesnt get dark before I drive back :eek: :?

I am not the most confident drivers and not used to driving in the dark much *shhh dont tell ian as he will be my passenger*
Oh dear, should I keep my eyes closed! I know what your driving is like and Im still willing to take the risk, thats how dedicated I am to the fancy :)

Shame you wont be there Katie, you wont be able to admire my gorgeous rats.
me and mum are going :)
ian can i have a cuddle wih 1 of ur rats, never actually held 1 before! are u showing ur mice too? x
Well, I'm picking up a new piggy on saturday morning... but i'll see how I am money wise after I have paid for my oyster card and see if I can justify getting the money to come to enfield after picking up my new girlie.

Anyone want to donate £7.50? LOL
I will start the Katie travel fund with a donatin of £3....
Come on people dig deep :lol:
:lol: :lol:
Hay Katie you have to come because me, you, Kelly and Rachael are Ian's back up incase things get a little 'heavy' on the other side of the hall :lol: :lol:
Is he showing?? Are you showing rats Ian? Ooo... i'll see what I can do about popping in, my have to bring guinea girl with me, but i can't promise anything.

W xx
:D im going to the show with George, im really excited to meet people at the show who i regularly see posting on here! shout and say hello to me!, ill be the one with short red hair and glasses!
Yep hopefully it will be Lucy and Maddies first outing, even tho she isn't my rat anymore I am still very excited for Ian :)
In the Show sections or the Pet Class? :D
Not sure, I am waiting excitedly to hear from him :)
The show section of course they are quality rats ill have you know. Actually one of them is a dumbo so think she would be in unstandardised and the hooded will be up against the main crowd. I had a peak at the hooded rats at peterborough and in terms of makrings she shouldnt be laughed off the bench, dont know if she is a winner but will be a good experience.
not long now!
I am a little excited about this one :D I have also entered two rats... not sure how they will do but It will be good to get feedback on them.
Alas... you will have to put up with me now, my very generous partner is going to pay for my travel for me so I can come!!

I will be attending with new guinea pig in tow, so you can all have a gander, I won't be getting her out too much though, as she is a wickle baby and i don't want to freak her out too much.
And I probably won't stay til the end (Depending on how long the judging takes) cos my housemate is cooking one of my fave dishes for dinner! Woot!
Kelly: Have you washed your rats? I gave mine a bath tonght and they are drying off now.

Will be good to see you Katie.
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