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Enfield (May 7th) to Sowood (May 14th) - Rats

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Originally Katy and George were supposed to be picking up some rats from Enfield for me, holding onto them for the week in between, then bringing them to Sowood for me to pick them up, but sadly, Katy's grandfather is currently unwell and both Katy and George are on grandad watch (Hope he gets better soon!)

So, is it possible for anyone else to pick them up at Enfield and hold onto them for the week up until Sowood? Ian has offered to give food to look after the four ratties to keep them going, and I will happily give anyone who grabs them money towards their transport.

So far, SarahY has said she'll transport them if no one else can, but bless Sarah as she is allergic and doesn't really have the room, so if anyone else could help, that would be brilliant.

Pretty please?

The other thing is, if anyone isn't going to Sowood but is going to Enfield, but is close to me (Barnsley) so I could come pick them up before the show or if anyone is passing near by me on their way one from Enfield. I can get to train stations near me to pick them up.

Please help :)
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I'll have them for the week.I might just open a new shed for Janna's stuff.I have plenty of cages so we won't need one from Ian which will solve another problem.
You might just need one at this rate. Thank you Sarah. There's three does and a buck. Whoever is bringing the foxes to Sowood next week can bring the ratties too, so that part is definately sorted. But are you going to be at Enfield? If not we need someone to bring them to you, and the only other person I know of on the forum that's close to you is Kage Davies. Unless someone in the NMC lives near. If you're going, then there is no problem there. I swear you're too kind to me Sarah :D
I will be sending mice to Enfield with Sarah and Naomi and will send a carrier for the rats.Do the sexes need to be apart?I will be sending the foxes to Sowood with Sarah along with my entries so it will all work out ,a combined effort :D
Well, I will owe all three of you big time :D Would be better if sexes are kept apart, yeah, they're only seven weeks.

I have some more longhaired for you as well, Sarah. A little PEW buck and a poor Agouti Tan buck. I'm still keeping my eye out for more.
Hello whats, been decided then? I'm guessing I'll still be handing over to SarahY but they will be staying at SarahCs. Sounds much better as I hadnt realised SarahY was allergic!

The does are rexes and they are all still quite bald on their bodies, I thought it would have grown back by now.
I'm sure it'll grown back soon Ian. If not, I'll let you know :)

And yes, passing them onto SarahY and Naomi to bring back to SarahC. I've got their setups already made up, as well as their names :D So Sarah, if you wanna start calling them by their names to get them used to it, be my guest :D Bucks called Nox, Mink doe is Lux, and the black does are Una and Pan. Three lettered names acorss the board :D
Ah Lux really suits the mink doe. They are hopefully settling into thier news homes now. Thanks to SarahY and SarahC!
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