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Enfield May 7th Open Show

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Hello just wondering who is going to this show. I need some help getting some baby rats from enfield up to sowood the following week. Is anyone going to both shows who would be willing to hold the two baby doe rats for the week? Please pm me if you can help out.
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Congrats to Heather BIS & BOA at Enfield today. BIS Pew u/8 & BOA Cham ad.
Very well done as always Heather :D

I hope someone got pictures?
I bet that lady has run out of space on her stud wall for all her ribbons! :lol:
Well done Heather :)

BIG congratulations to tratallen with her first best in section! She won Best Satin with an U/8 cream doe, which is variety she's been quietly working away on for over a year. Well done sweetie :)

Also, congratulations to SarahC for winning Best Marked AND BOA Marked with black brokens (both my best Dutch mice came second to them :evil: :lol: ), and either Best AOV or BOA AOV (I can't remember!) with a silver grey.

Sadly my Dutch buck didn't make it as a champion this time. He has to win, as a minimum, best Dutch against at least seven mice and at least three exhibitors. There was only my lad and one of Keith Berry's in his class!

Small turnout today, but we all had a lovely time chatting :cool:

Sarah xxx
Just got mice put away and can now sit down with a cuppa ... actually make that a stiff one!

congratulations to Heather for your best in show and BOA , sorry sarahy that sarahc beat you! you should of left her mice in the box.. I wouldnt of told her honest :eek: :lol:

congrats also to tratallen, that mouse was truly worthy of the best satin.

Also congratulations to Kat, she has just started showing in the last couple of months and got best stud buck with a lovely champagne :D (she is hoping to join the forum soon)

It was a very small turn out with only 108 booked in but it was a lovely day and it was good to see you all again :D I am now looking forward to the next show ;)
Congratulations again Heather!

Well done everyone else too!
I don't think one can overstate the significance of Naomis best satin today. She had to beat at least two other mice from two other exhibitors which had won best satin before, as well as all the rest. One of them had gone on to BIS as well. Well done Naomi, a great first section win.
Well done everyone, especially Naomi for Best Satin :mrgreen:
Awww, you're all just too lovely. Thankyou for your kind comments!

I had a really nice day in some really good company and to top it all off I was fortunate enough to achieve a really positive result! A good day :D

Hearty congratulations to Loganberry and SarahC who scooped everything else between them I think. I'll tell you who else went home with a cracking great wad of certificates......Laoshu!
Good day for the girls ;)

I will post a few pics later but right now I have a cracking headache :(
Well done everyone! I thought naomi's cream satin was bloody lovely, and Laoshu's cham satin adults were great, with lovely thick tails. a vg day - nd i didn't even have to steward! :cool:
Grats everyone :D. I saw some fantastic mice, and some stuff I aint heard of before o.o. That splashed was a stunner! And the best satin cream was to die for.

And I'm chuffed with my Abys and my first show mice :D.

See everyone next time ;).
the satin cream was amazing, I want one!
Ffff I wanted one of everything XD. ESPECIALLY those loverly rats! Soon....
Here you go, a few pictures from the day at Enfield............

The way all good show days should start (Phil ;) )

Laoshu and Katrina doing a sterling job of stewarding for Terry Sales

Lovely Keith doing all the paperwork

The moment EVERYONE left me all alone.......

They're back :p , Katrina, Laoshu, Ian and SarahY

Finally, SarahY, Loganberry, Rachel Raindrop and Mousemad.

And I managed to not take a single snap of there!

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And I managed to not take a single snap of there!
Maybe not... but I've got some! Mwhahahaha :twisted:

Mmmmm... pancakes and sausage :cool:

Sarah xxx
Great Pictures!!! love the shots.

Loganberry, do you ever stop smiling? or is that cos your just winning so much at the moment! :)
Heather has a lovely smile! :D

Nice piccys ;) I believe I can see my friends Jo and her son John in the background of the last one!
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