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Enfield 5th March

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This will be my first show i ll be entering but i have no idea how to enter nor when
entries close and info/help will be greatly recieved
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you are good! lol....

I have just been out and got some treament just for that "fungle ear" and he has just been treated ;)
Keep me posted about the fungal ear thing, ive got some ear issues with my sows but apparently I've been advised that it looks like my boar is an ear nibbler, isnt that such a pain in the arse!

And yes a lift would be lovely thank you, what will the pigs be shown in, will they have one of those big show cage things set up?
can you get a pic of the ears Ian?

They will be show in a pen and we need to fetch a bit of vet bed or a towl to line the pen with (12"x12")
Its definatly going ahead so I will start a thred with all the details on very soon although i am sure that we will get a email about it in time for the show.
So excited, I have got photos of the ears let me know what you think. How did you treat them, I might just treat regardless. Although my sows are pregnant, would that make a difference?
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Oh I am not sure what that is.. I have a link that you might find usefull .. I will try to find it for you.
It does look like ear barbering to me... you can see how some of the hair on the hair has been bitten down too.

K xx
Oh dear, not much I can do about that. Is the poor boar destined for a life of solitary or is there a solution? If it was a mouse I'd cull not sure I could pop off my guinea pig.
At least it seems to be the daddy and not the mummy or the babies could pick it up!... If your wanting to keep and show any boars that are born, then dont house them with him...
Yeah both of the sows have been nibbled and the boar has lovely ears so it must be him by elimination. Seems such a shame to keep him alone. How awful is it to keep guinea pigs with rabbits, would he get any kind of social interaciton with them anyway?
Maybe I just need to find him a home with a dominant boar who will keep him in his place?
It is recommended these days not to keep pigs with rabbits.

Hmm... well if you have a boar born that is not showable, but breedable, then you could keep them together... but then you have the whole thing of, would they go back together after being used for breeding again? The testosterone is always a risk with boars.

I would donate Neelix (My special Needs Pig) to your cause... but again, its risky, because Neelix is about 6/7 months Old now and they may not take to each other, and generally Neelix needs some special attention everyday (He always needs his nose and bum cleaning, he cant clean them very well himself).... and then there is that awful side effect of, I totally love him. Hehehe!

K xx
Neelix sounds like a treat! Think I might pass up the oppportunity to wipe a guinea pigs arse every day but its a lovely offer. I think I'll give him a go with a younger unshowable boar when the babies are old enough. But might look into finding him a home where he will be kept by himself but given lots of attention, but im not done with him as a breeder yet so he's got a while until retirement.
I'm assuming youre going to Enfield next week for the first cavy show! If so you'll meet my little nibbler then, he is practicing already, im trying to hold him properly everyday becaue he can be a stoppy little bugger. I'm thinking now he is seperate from the sows he will chill out a bit.
Rescue Remedy... people laugh when i say it, but I know cavy people who use it! lol

And no, unfortunately I am working and they wont let me have the time off... and I cant phone in sick, i would feel too guilty and then actually get sick as a punishment! lol

I should be able to come to the May show though.
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