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Enfield 5th March

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This will be my first show i ll be entering but i have no idea how to enter nor when
entries close and info/help will be greatly recieved
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Thank you guys, I am shocked I won but totally chuffed to bits and it has now certainly given me the bug!
I have also just found out I have a competitive side :lol:

The winning mouse was a stud buck satin champagne male
I tried to get some photos of him today with his prizes but he didnt want to be photographed and I really should of tryed to do it before I put the after show mite treatment on :lol:

I got seven 1st cards for him for lots of stuff.... not quite sure what some of them are but I will find out soon :D
Well done, that's great!!! :gwavec :gwavec

Sarah xxx
Thank you :O)

And thank you loganberry for my champagne stock where the winning buck came from. :D
here is a photo of him with his winnings but they do not so him justice at all... he is so much more better looking in the flesh. he has mite "spot on" on his back so thats messed up his fur and he just wouldnt sit for a nice photo but here he is.

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I like the pink cards and rosette,rather compliments the mouse.
They turned the first place cards pink??? Dayum! hehe

Wish I could have been there to give you a hug Kelly!!!! He is one big hunk of a mouse! Very very well done =o)
The pink cards are very girly but I like them :lol:

I hope I dont get to disapointed if I go to the next show or the one after and not do so well! I have my expectations quite high now :lol: :lol:

I would like just one BIS in my life!! Just one! hehe But I need winnable mice to do that I reckon... oh well... working on it!

K xx
Nice hunka hunka mousei! Congrats!

And I agree, the pink does compliment his color nicely.
next show they might be showing piggys aswell :O)
watch this space :D
laoshu said:
next show they might be showing piggys aswell :O) (pet class)
watch this space :D
Thanks Kelly, should be interesting to see all the piggies :)
Unfortunately we no longer have any, they all have new homes now, but thanks for letting me know XX
I'm going to start preparing my g. pig boar for the big day right now, how exciting!
lol .... I will get Kat to pick you up then? lol

I wanted to show george my big boar but he has a bad ear I have just noticed this morning! I think a little visit to the vets might be in order if I cant figure out what is wrong with it.

It looks like its white scaley and slightly thick?!
Sounds like it might be fungal Kelly... quite common in pigs infortunately!
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