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Enfield 3rd July (NMC Summer Cup)

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There will be both lidded and unlidded Maxeys for sale at the Enfield show on 3rd July (NMC Summer Cup), made by Brian Tanner.

£11 lidded
£10 unlidded

Orders can also be taken on the day or you can order through Brian's website at
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Wonderful i desperately need some of these :) Are we able to reserve a couple to be collected and paid for on the day or pay a deposit perhaps ?
Many Thanks
I very highly recommend him and endorse his work fully.
Thanks Jack thats good to know :)
Heather (Loganberry), Lian (Rowangate) and SarahY (Blackthorn Stud) have all had Maxeys from Brian and been very pleased with them, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a PM to ask them about the quality if anyone is thinking of buying.

Juliet, are you entering anything at the show? If so and you have to ring Terry Sales to do so, just let him know how many and of which type you'd like and I'm sure he'll put them to one side with your name on. You can pay on the day :)
I will put a recommendation right here!

I was overjoyed with my Maxeys! They are absolutely perfect. As an artist and a perfectionist I am very, very quick to find fault (even though it makes me unhappy when I do find it :lol: ) and they really were perfect. Exactly built to spec. Brian himself was a joy to deal with, courteous and thoughtful throughout. And the prices are awesome really. Having tried to make these myself, I would have paid double for someone else to do it :lol:

Sarah xxx
Sarah, I agree. After I placed my order, I was pretty astonished at how quickly it arrived, how expertly his Maxeys were designed and built, and how little they cost, especially considering they were sent all the way from England to the US. To top it all off, Brian was extraordinarily helpful to me, answering any questions I had very quickly and thoroughly. I think I also would have paid double. I wonder if we're going to get him swamped with orders now! :p
I can recommend him. When I first contacted him he made a prototype which I compared to a maxey of Lisa Groves. I found the workmanship to be good quality and Brian a very pleasant gentleman to deal with.
I have a cunning plan (no turnips though, Blackadder fans) about these Maxeys. Brian originally contacted me to see if there were sales tables at shows as I think he was going to try and attend. I said that there weren't sales tables but that I'd ask if we could display some and take orders at Enfield. If it is a success, I plan to ask someone attending Enfield who will be going to the next NMC show (Preston) to take the remainder with them to sell there. The Maxeys will then hopefully go show to show until they are sold, when I'm sure Brian will be happy to supply more. That way experienced fanciers and novices alike will be able to get Maxeys easily. Simples!
Mwhahahahahahahaha! Cunning indeed....

In fact, so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel! :D

Sarah xxx
(for Eddie Izzard fans just think 'Weasel, weasel!!!!')

Aye Sarah, 'tis the best laid plans of mice and men - let's hope they don't go agley!
I will ask Terry to keep me some to one side thankyou for the tip :)
My maxey's are also made by Brian, they are fab!!
maxeys aside, im really looking forward to this show, it will be my first for well over 6 months. It will be great to catch up, I hope lots of people are planning to attend?
More than usual for an Enfield show I expect Ian as it's a Cup Show :)
I thought you came to the March show Ian? Though I am probably wrong... lol

I am looking forward to next months show too, I probably won't be showing, if I do it will probably only be one mouse lol
But it will be nice to see familiar faces again!! :D

W xx
I cant wait for the next show :D :) :p
No i had hoped to make it in March but I couldnt make it, I also had some issues with my mice not breeding so I had nothing to show, luckily I ahve a few rumpwhites now which just about make the grade.
I am coming to the show, anyone who is this end of the world needing a lift let me know. I will hopefully be bringing Charlie Blanford and maybe Alan Reice, i will ask Emma witcombe too.
Oh my im going to need a bigger car i forgot about Phils mice too!
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