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Enfield 2nd May

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Who's going? :)
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The best shows are the joint shows with rabbits or poultry and the argicultural shows, it makes it more of a day out and theres more to see. Although there is the risk of being tempted into breeding guinea pigs and curly headed ducks or something, it can be dangerous.

Enfield wasn't as dead as Stafford was at christmas, that was a joint show so that made up for it but it felt like the mice had been shoved in a quiet corner and forgotten about! As I haven't been to any Northern shows most of the shows I've been to have been fairly similar to Enfield. I'm hoping to make a big trip up North over the summer I'm looking forward to it.
Hi Ian

It's definitely worth coming to a northern show as you'll meet more people that way. While the agricultural shows are good in terms of a day out, if you've gone to meet people and get sorted out with stock or advice etc then you may struggle as other exhibitors are also enjoying a day out and often leave the show tent! At places like Sowood and Manchester you get more of a chance for a natter :D
Hello everyone, was great seeing so many people there off the forum.

Thank you soooo much for my card Fae and family :D

Best Self went to Alan reice
Best AOV went to Seawatch Stud
I think Best marked went to Phil Brookes

Well done Sarah to your best in show....i thinks its retirement time for the old bugger now! LOL :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

Sam xx
Bwaha, I sneaked in under durress from Fae. Nice to see everyone though :D. And I am in love with my Hereford girl... *swoon*.

Now I want to pick up a trio of show quality mice XD.
I think theres life in the old dog yet seawatch and it's amazing what a wash and blow dry can achieve.I'm waiting for you to breed something better and knock him off the top spot.Can you hear my fingers drumming? :twisted: For anyone that distance is a big problem an over night stay in a travel lodge is very reasonable. approx£15 for a night if booked well in advance on the internet.I think we might look at giving this a go now we haven't got young kids and they allow you to take your dogs as well which is good for us.
It's definately worth thinking about, and it would avoid the early morning trek across the country.
I'm definately going to be travelling some distances to get to shows this year but staying overnight is definately the best option all round ;)

The main problem is getting hold of Maxeys as NMC rules state you can NOT show without them which is a shame as it makes people wonder if the mice or the cages are being judged - makes no sence to me at other animal shows the show itself is responsible for providing show-cages, you can't even loan Maxeys which is a little bewildering.

I have to say as a newbie almost everything seems to be stacked against me, but I'm a determined sod!
I think the show bench looks very smart indeed with all the identical maxeys. There's no need for judges to wear white coats really, but that looks smart too. I like that the mouse fancy upholds all the traditions and standards, especially since Britian is so quickly losing all those types of things. And you have to admit, mouse shows are most definately very annonymous with all the exhibits being shown in the exact same containers.

Sarah xxx
The traditional part is also very important to me.I'd hate to see the mice in plastic tanks etc.Maxeys crop up on ebay sometimes but failing that I'm happy to collect from shows in the north and deliver to any southern shows I'm attending.I'll also lend them on the day if you haven't got any for your first show.That offer is open to anyone on this forum,I usually have n't got enough decent mice to fill my maxeys :( I'm not a member but I am fairly sure that the London club provides maxeys for exhibitors on show days,check that first though.
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