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Enfield 2nd May

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Who's going? :)
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The prices vary depending on the quality of the mice offered (i.e. the better they are the more people are likely to want them), the poularity of the variety and how many people are interested. I have heard of trios going at Enfield for as little as £3 but at Harrogate (a big show) they have gone for over £50. I doubt anything at Enfield would go over £30 a trio though. As for when it starts, it varies but usually mid-afternoon.
Well i have managed to twist Saskia's arm so ill see you all there :)
I'm going! I'm not showing, but I'm picking up two silver bucks from Heather (thank you!). Can't wait!

See you all there!

Sarah xxx
The mouse show is at 11 and the rats at 1pm, so I will get there around midday I reckon (even though I don't think that there is going to be any rat show due to the SDAV outbreak), will be nice to see loads of people at our little Enfield Show :)

is this the same show that's on the first week of every month??
Yes but the other months are members of the LSCMRC only whereas this is open to NMC members also. If I like it I might join the LSMRC because it is reasonably close to em and I get annoyed at having a good rump white but due to bad timing and geography not being able to show it...although if I do join I probably wont ever get a decent rump white again.
ian said:
...although if I do join I probably wont ever get a decent rump white again.
It's called sods law :lol:
SarahY said:
I'm going! I'm not showing, but I'm picking up two silver bucks from Heather (thank you!). Can't wait!

See you all there!

Sarah xxx
No problem!! :D
Any new people ( i havent met before going) come and say hi...u cant miss my bump lol

See you all tomorrow!
Did everyone have a good time? Well done Sarah on BIS with the now famous fawn satin :D I was also surprised but pleased to get BOA in show with a cream satin. I am not sure who won anything else though as I didn't go (Sarah took mice down for me) - anyone know? And if anyone showed, how did you do?
Well done you two! :gwavebw

I picked up my very hunky new man as well as two beautiful dark silver does, thanks so much Heather!

Sarah xxx
I had a great time, the people at the LCRMC were all very friendly seemed very happy to see new faces and to have some more competition.

I entered a rumpwhite, and two blues one adult and one u/8, they were the only entries in their class so I got my first 1sts, although obviously it was by default. Then my blue buck went on to win Stud Buck which I was really pleased with.

A guy called Jason did well with his herefords, and I picked up a pair of hereford does which was a fantastic surprise!
well done everyone!!!! :)

It was lovely to meet Ian and collect my new mice who have settled in really well!!!!

Thanks Ian :) :) :)

Well done Sarah (bis) and Cait :gwavebw

And obviously thanks Ian for my beautiful black does who are stunning, I've never seen black selfs "in the fur" before and I'm quite taken with them I have to say.

Jason's Herefords were awesome too they look like husky rats but MUCH prettier :lol:

We didn't stay terribly long and found the turn out quite dissapointing as we were expecting LOADS of people to be there :(
It's a big shame that Southern shows are not better attended,especially for the people who organize them.The varieties of mice also suffer from the lack of competion that makes us all strive to improve them.Not much competition ,not much striving....Theres only one way to improve things,attend and make a few entries.I had a lovely day chatting to fellow fanciers new and old ,a lunchtime visit to the pub and I also picked up two new mice.Good outcome for the whisker chewers and last but not least a win for me and Cait.Happy days.Well done Ian for your blue stud buck.
the hall did feel a little empty at points, but I think most people were in the pub ;)

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