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Enfield 1st May (NMC show)

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Anybody here going? :)
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I cant wait to see all the diff Mouse varieties on saturday and im bringing another mouse mad friend too :)
Just wanted to say very big congratulations to Heather (Loganberry) for Best in Show with a champagne satin and to SarahC and Cait (Mousebreeder) for their Best Opposite Age in Show with a fawn self

I had a lovely day :) My doves got third in both AOC Self adult and under 8 weeks classes. They were competing against SarahC's rather spectacular fawns so I was thrilled to even be placed!

Sarah xxx
Was a great show picked up some very yummy meeces from Mike and Terry and Rachel :D :) :)

Many congrats to all and i have to say there were some very impressive mice there today :p :) Loganberry's champagne even to a un-trained eye was very stunning Indeed :)

I got a 2nd out of 5 in Agouti Rat so am very pleased :)
Thanks for taking and keeping the mice Sarah.I haven't managed a show for ages due to the big bad puppy but I'm hopeful of going to Honley .
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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