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Enfield 1st May (NMC show)

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Anybody here going? :)
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whats that? x
I meant do you go on your own on the train with your mice ?
me, mum and mice :)
couldnt do the trip on my own - hate the tube x
Well hopefully i will get to meet you and mum next saturday :)
i think i met u at the london champs show, u had a mouse in ur pocket? x
Oh yes thats right Lol She was lovely sadly no longer with me though
oh no! thats not good :(
She was a totally stunning black self doe was as black as night so i called her Jet she was fab
Has anyone else been able to get hold of Michael today? I emailed before 2.30pm and the emails bounced to all the addresses in the revised schedule. I have been phoning since and a few minutes ago there was still no answer. I have left the entries on his 'BT Answer' but do not think these will necessarily be noticed as you're not notified you have a message.
I am also in a panic! I can't get hold of him on the phone either and I can't find the updated email address letter! And only 45 minutes until entries close!!!

Sarah xxx
Have you tried this addy [email protected] ? or [email protected]
Tried the original email address in the NMC News when the corrected one bounced and that bounced too. Haven't tried the other one so will try that now as a back up! Thanks
I've now sent one to those email addresses too (thanks Jammy) and tried the phone again, still no answer but I left a message earlier.

Sarah xxx
Thats ok hope to meet you both saturday :)
For all of you who are trying to get hold of Mike I will text him for you and ask him to get intouch ;)

Thanks, can you let him know we've left our entries on his answerphone :)
Ive just called & left a message and also sent a text, but I will text him again to let him know that.
Paula ;)
If anyone is still up and worrying about Saturdays show - Mike has just called me, he's been out all day and is on his way home now to sort out.
Thats brilliant news :)
Thank you :)

Sarah xxx
21 - 40 of 44 Posts
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