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I would very much appreciate opinions on this section of the Dutch show standard:

In Dutch marked the face or cheek markings should be evenly balanced, a patch covering each side of the face, extending below the eye but not including the whiskers, and not joining between the ears at the narrowest part of the blaze. The cheek markings should not run underneath the jaw.

How narrow should the narrowest part of the blaze be? I personally prefer the wider white blaze between the ears and would therefore unconsciously select for it (had I not thought about it), but all else being equal would this be penalised against a mouse with a finer, more tapered white blaze between the patches?

So which should I be breeding for? Wide blaze...

...Or finely tapered blaze?

As the standard is not precise on the shape and size of the blaze, is there actually an answer or is it a "know your judge" type of thing?

Sarah xxx

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The second one is correct. The standard is based on the equivalent variety in rabbits.The white strip should be wider at the nose, forming a wedge shape as it travels up toward the ears. The closer the patches come together without touching the better. The fact that the standard tells you they should not join implies that they should nearly join. Its rare in reality to get two Dutch so good in every other respect that it would come down to this to decide the winner. I wouldnt say this is about judges discretion as the standard does say what it means, if not in the most obvious way. I hope this helps Sarah.
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