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Dutch Satin

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I get the occasional Dutch satin pop out of my Dutch line. I don't breed them back in, but I do keep them sometimes because I think they're pretty. I had two in a recent litter, an argente and an agouti, and here they are at five weeks old:

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Oh dear. Mid-deuce shot of that argente :lol:
They're gorgeous, otherwise!
Argente <3 I have a pied doe and buck of argente. Love the colour!
I can't see the pix.

Later; oh, now I can see them. I think this hotel is haunted by something that lives in the electrical light turns itself on and off without the aid of human hand. They told me there was a ghost.

By the way; where have you hiddwn the instantaneous maater transporter? Or my flying car?

If I had either I''d be all, like, "Sneak; sneak neak...pause...sneaksneaksneakpounce...runrunrunrunrunr......*bwahahahaha*...mine, al mine......*HAH!"

And I heard somewhere s**t happens, and by Murphy, always in the best shot. Precious.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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