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does wanted

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Hi I'm looking for a few doe's. Any colour must be under 6 month collection from leicester only. Or delivery welcome. I am also urgently in need of a tan doe preff black tan but other colours accepted.
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hi i have a couple for sale but i am in wales. :? they are pieds
hiya thats too far for me im afraid. anyone else got any closer
umm i think there are some for sale in bristol if thats any closer :?: :lol:
we are holding a show in Leicestershire mid June ,details to follow in the up and coming shows section.You may be able to arrange collection from there if you want to come along.
yeh that sounds fine where about in leicester. also looking for any other coloured does

i am also selling a few bucks champers n chapers n white all pe
It's not in Leicester (city) it's in Lubenham near Market Harborough, about 15 miles away.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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