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Does wanted - Staffordshire

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Following the sad death of one of my original does (old age), and poor experiences with pet stores, I'm keen to find reputable breeders who can supply 2-3 new does to introduce to my two remaining beauties (Dutch Sable, white Self)...

Anyone with litters due to become available and/or who can recommend breeders, please do let me know.


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my mice have just had litters and I should have some ready in about 4 weeks now ...... hopefully there will be some does in there the litter Ive just separeated ar 5 weeks had 14 bucks and one doe :( ....... I should have tris and some creams available :)

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OK, great :) ... We aren't looking to breed, so just does ;) . Ideally 2-3, but as you say will need to wait and see. If you have a couple, i would definitely be interested. We're only 30 mins from Stoke, so would be ideal.

Thanks for the quick response as well - appreciate it.

Cool, thanks :D ... fingers crossed for some more girls then!
Hello! Any does available? :)
Yes they will be ready on 18th october .... will pm you a list of whats available :)
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