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Does wanted in Suffolk/North Essex

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Hi, I tried to post yesterday so I apologise if this comes up twice!

I am looking for a pair or trio of friendly young females in the Suffolk or North Essex area of East Anglia. I have everything ready for the girls but have had no luck trying to locate a breeder who may have a couple of little girls available. My previous mice (many years ago) were bred as feeders and bought from a pet shop, but I would prefer to buy from a breeder this time if possible. I have been looking unsuccessfully for a few weeks but hope to get my new girls either this week or next so I am hoping somebody may be able to direct me towards a breeder in my area. I have found a trio of pretty girls in a pet shop locally but am just holding out for a few more days in the hope of finding a breeder.

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Just to let everybody know that I now have my three little girls so the search is over. I went to the petshop to buy an exercise ball and to look at bedding and I just couldn't leave the little girls behind when I saw them again :oops: - they are clean, bright-eyed and active but the poor things had been in that clean but stark environment since at least early June, the first time I saw them. I asked to put my hand in to guage their reaction and they were curious enough to stretch their necks forward and sniff but scattered when I tried to touch them, so I know they are going to need a lot of patience to become tame. I have two greys (one is a soft mid-grey, the other a darker grey) and a brown which looks like a dark sable, so perhaps agouti? I guess they are probably just non-standardised pet colours. I would rather have bought from a breeder but felt these girls deserved a chance of a better life. I had responded to a few online ads for home-bred fancy mice but with no replies from any of them, so could only presume they had none left and was losing hope of finding any nearby. Anyway, I will do my best by them and hopefully they will become tame in time. I popped their travelling box inside their new home (Duna Multy) and they all came out right away and started to explore, climbing the ropes and ladders and crossing the hanging bridge confidently. I'm going to wait until tomorrow now to give them chance to settle, then will start putting my hand in to get them used to me without touching. Fingers crossed at least one of them will like me eventually :)
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