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I am a beginner with mice but I will happily answer from the rat perspective. Those protein levels seem fine for maintenance of adult rats - I would add another protein source for young rats that are rapidly growing, and for lactating does and their litters. I actually use a rabbit feed as the base for my rat food. I normally use a fish based puppy kibble (burns or jwb not sure if they are brands you get over there I am in the UK) as about 10% of my mix for adults. I prefer to use fresh foods for the younger ones, chicken wings are much enjoyed (bones and all) as are pilchards and scrambled egg. Kale is never refused, nor egg food (the kind for rearing cage birds), nor soaked vitalin. I also make them bran mash with lactol.

I am glad you are keeping your breeder rats with companions, because it is so easy to tell when rats are in season you need only put the buck and doe together for a few hours if you wish to know that exact date of conception. That way the breeding male will go back very easily with his cagemate.
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