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Cuttle bone

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Has any one given their mice cuttle bone to eat?

P.s. My name is Jamie. Just joined the forum today. I posted myself in the "introduce yourself" forum. Couldn't wait to start asking questions. =]
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I have to buy cuttlefish bone for my finches. Sometimes I will throw a chunk in with the meece but they don't seem to touch it. I give nursing and pregnant does scrambled eggs, however, and I have been known to put ground cuttlefish bone in there.
All my nursing and pregnant does LOVE scrambled egg. I use olive oil rather than butter to cook it, though. I'm not sure if that really helps make it healthier, but I do it anyway. :p

In addition to the ground cuttlefish bone, you can also put whole oats, smashed up peas (just smash them with a fork), and a myriad of other nutritious things in there. Mine love it with spinach, too. :p
Yeah, mine only get it when they're busy making nutrients for their babies (males never or almost never get it). I've also mixed millet in with the eggs. You can use your imagination, really. The mice don't care if it doesn't look the prettiest. :D
If you think the budgie seed is like popcorn, give them some of the millet still on the spray (sold for birds)! Mine devour it as though there's no tomorrow!

Willow, if you wanted to add mealworms to scrambled eggs, I don't see why you couldn't!

One other thing: when I make scrambled eggs for my mommas, I prepare it with human infant formula, not regular milk. I do this to make sure it's as chock full of protein, fat, and nutrients as possible so the growing babies get good nutrition. :)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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