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current litters - quest for broken marked hairless

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Have got 2 litters and one more due anytime soon.

First litter:
Paired up my Blue lad Feral to his Black sibling Lucy-fer
- with a view to broken marked hairless.
There's ONE broken marked baby in there so least I know they both def. carry broken from mom.
Fingers super crossed this little pirate babe turns out hairless !

Rest of the pile are Blacks and Blues I think.

Second litter:
Not exactly planned.
Acquired 3 hairless girls (will go post some pics these ladies are lovely!)
One was already pregnant - from someone who had some of my mice previously.
SO the father is actually Ferals cream brother.
These guys are Xmas babies born on Christmas night.

Third one due is my Red eyed white girl Angel
- slightly off white = Cream ??

Put back to Fuzzy-Hairless dad Halo and due to pop anytime soon.

Bit of a baby boom over here ATM !
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Yes a bit when he was a baby he was fully furred then at abot 4-5 weeks went totally naked then at 7 weeks had some hair back he does have a few odd patches ok nakedness lol i just have him as a pet with his brother brought from a pet shop his brother is a blue roan. He started at a brown and white husky then went bald at 4 weeks then when the fur grew back at 6 weeks he was blue roan lol
These babies are super cute, can we have some more pics!
Most have gone to new homes now.
Still got a trio of girls I'm trying to tame down for someone before they go as pets.
Plus 2 that am running on for myself which have baffled me a bit.
I had them down as male and they seem to be
Better than the other way around I suppose -they been housed alone so no mad panic.
Has knocked me back a bit though. :?

The Crazy trio:
(Temp. named 'Pirate, Splodge and Pretty' - well I have to call them something !)

My Troublesome Pair - pretty fuzzys whatever sex they decide they are !!

Red eyed Runt - 'Fluke' only ran this one on as it was so small yet so determined.
Has sprouted like a weed - though is a still a pretty small moose.

Sex ?

And my as yet un-named pretty
(that odd colour again but in fuzzy - Stone ?
Plus a light belly same as mom - wondering if this is 'fox' ?)

Sex ?
Thinking female after much looking at it.
Others have guessed female from pics but still...hmm.
I swear it looked like a lad a while ago.

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They both look like girlies to me... any sign of nipples?

And hermaphrodites are known in the mouse world ;) I had a boy with nipples! lol

Willow xx
Hi iv had that problem with my sheepy/fuzzy they are sooooooo hard to sex i sexed 5 wrong as boys as i couldnt see nippels and they had a buldge which looked like testicals so i kept them in with boys then one day i looked and they were in season and had been mated as the male had left his plug then i knew they were girls, it is easier to sex them when they are really young about 3-4 weeks but yes the one in the pics looks female.
I tend to tell the sex of my fuzzys now by how much there bit sticks out if it sticks out loads then its a boy also when they get to 4 week the boys get huge balls so it is clear to see the sex.
I believe the colour is stone most of my babies are that colour this time too.

smaller pic of sheepy buck.jpg

this is one of my babies at 5 weeks she is stone looks really pale in the pic but is alot darker now born 12th dec 09
pic below is of one of my other stone sheepy girls at 4 weeks born same time.

stone girl.jpg


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They look female now...

Red eyed looks to have nipples - On the Fuzzy am still not sure.
Spent ages last night peering at the pair of them.

What started it was the runty red-eyed.
I got out and was like "oh look you've grown a bit more - and turned into a girl too !"
Got my other out to compare as kept that one as a future buck.
Got a shock when they both looked the bloomin same.

Even fished out my *definite male* 'Feral' last night for a look at his behind.
Got me well fuddled.

Plus the trio of girls are giving me headaches - one is tame and sane.
BUT the other 2 are still rather bouncy pain-in-the-bottoms.
Don't get why but still - one down two to go right ?

Sure there's some sort of conspiracy going on ATM...
My meeces seem determined to drive me round the bend.
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