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current litters - quest for broken marked hairless

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Have got 2 litters and one more due anytime soon.

First litter:
Paired up my Blue lad Feral to his Black sibling Lucy-fer
- with a view to broken marked hairless.
There's ONE broken marked baby in there so least I know they both def. carry broken from mom.
Fingers super crossed this little pirate babe turns out hairless !

Rest of the pile are Blacks and Blues I think.

Second litter:
Not exactly planned.
Acquired 3 hairless girls (will go post some pics these ladies are lovely!)
One was already pregnant - from someone who had some of my mice previously.
SO the father is actually Ferals cream brother.
These guys are Xmas babies born on Christmas night.

Third one due is my Red eyed white girl Angel
- slightly off white = Cream ??

Put back to Fuzzy-Hairless dad Halo and due to pop anytime soon.

Bit of a baby boom over here ATM !
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I hope you get that broken hairless! They all seems great.
you can spot the hairless from very young by looking at their whiskers, a hairless/fuzzy will have ether no whiskers or very tight to wavy ones ( depending on the coat they will end up having)

I could never get marked hairless but have a lovely group of marked fuzzys/sheepy ( i say sheepy as they are beond fuzzy and look like sheep that need sheering lol)
You must be talking about fuzzy hairless (fz/fz) because real hairless (hr/hr) don't have whiskers (whiskers are a form of hair).
All mine are fuzzy-hairless here at the minute rather than 'true' hairless.
- in varying degrees of fuzzy-ness. :p

All look furry int his litter though do have 3 fuzzy hairless in me xmas night litter.
2 brokens but one is VERY light and doesn't photograph well with my phone cam.
Cuteness, but pot luck as to if they're carrying fuzzy-hairless.

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New pics today

litter 1:


Xmas litter -got a surprise - There's patterned in there !!

Had a peek at litter 3 and possibly some red eyed fuzzy-hairless

Happy bunny :D
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So cute! I love wittle mice! Their so cute!
I like pink hairless /fuzzies the best.Have you seen any hairless hamsters yet?I haven't but apparently they are out there.
I like the hairless Syrians from the photos I've seen. I could easily be persuaded to get some but have never heard of anyone in the UK with them :(
SarahC said:
I like pink hairless /fuzzies the best.Have you seen any hairless hamsters yet?I haven't but apparently they are out there.
Only in photos for the main.
Years ago I did but he was only hairless due to health / allergy issues.

The Americans have the proper hairless gene to play with but not seen or heard of that over here as yet. Believe there are various health issues as with other hairless animals though.

Hairless or rather fuzzy hairless could be being produced somewhere, not complicated.
Don't think the majority of those in the Hamster fancy would be keen on the idea mind.
Don't think the majority of those in the Hamster fancy would be keen on the idea mind
they aren't in the mouse fancy and the cavy club has banned them.Not sure what the rat club thinks,I had a few problems with eyes in the hairless rats.
Hairless rats are banned from NFRS shows. They tend to evoke strong opinions from people ;) Tailess are also banned.
thanks for that julie,now we know.Only acceptable hairless seems to be cats ,which I also love and dogs.
I have to admit to being a little freaked out by hairless animals, especially hairless mice!!

If anyone has seen the film 'Witches' with Angelica Housten in it will know why... damn that film used to scare me as a kid!

Willow xx
At least one regional club (The Yorkshire Rat Club) has put on a special class for hairless in the past, Sarah. Dumbo rats caused a hell of a controversy when they first appeared on the scene too. LSCMRC used to have a special unstandardised class where dumbos could be shown as the NFRS had refused to allow them, sometimes they had a different judge from the main show though ;) Now there are some really good examples out there that are rightly winning top honours at shows.
Raindrop - is your fuzzy rat a double rex? (These are called patchwork hairless in some parts of the world). They look sort of threadbare, bit like a worn out teddy....
Yes a bit when he was a baby he was fully furred then at abot 4-5 weeks went totally naked then at 7 weeks had some hair back he does have a few odd patches ok nakedness lol i just have him as a pet with his brother brought from a pet shop his brother is a blue roan. He started at a brown and white husky then went bald at 4 weeks then when the fur grew back at 6 weeks he was blue roan lol
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