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Culling questions...

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Ok im not at all against culling and understand why its needed and i know i will have to do it but.....

1.-How do you know what to cull and what not to cull?

2.-When should you cull if you are going to?
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If you have a method, that you know will be frowned upon, then you should probably switch methods.

I edited my post so now its not a big deal.
It's still a problem if you're culling your mice in an inappropriate fashion.
What method do you use?
Im not hurting them or torturing them if thats what your getting at.

and id prefer not to be criticized about it on the forums as i am a feeder/ pet breeder.

But as i see it will cause an issue ..... I Feed Live.

And Yes i have tried multiple methods and he refuses anything but the real deal (no faking life, f/t, pre killed, chicken broth covered, brain exposure(once dead of course), etc...)
What are you feeding? Is it a snake?

This forum is open to feeder breeders. So you shouldn't run into any trouble here.
yes it is a snake, a ball python to be exact.

well with the questions you were asking i asummed it was going to be an issue, so i appologize for sounding short and blunt if i did.
That's okay. Have you tried force feeding it yet? It's not pretty, but I've seen ball pythons take very well to a single force feeding, and then be fine for pre-killed food items.
no i refuse to try as i have read a lot of bad things happening if you do it wrong, the possiblilty of him coughing it back up causing more issues, ad not to mention its very stressful on them. he's always been on live since a hatchling so i guess thats why he only takes live. I may try later on but he's been in a funk here this past week and a half and i dont want to cause more issues than i already have.

I edited my post so now its not a big deal.
Can you please not edit posts so drastically. Either think before you post or live with what you post. This thread doesn't make any sense at all and the resulting discussion is rather worrying as I don't know what you're on about... Dreadful pictures are flashing through my mind now as to what this 'frowned upon' method may be. So, despite your editing, it is still a big deal.

Sarah xxx
ummm... you did read on didnt you?

because if you did you would know that the "method" in question i use for culling is feeding them to my snake.
and you would have noticed i had wrote i dont hurt or torture them...
I assumed you would use a different method for sick mice, or if you had more mice than your snake needed one week. It's dangerous to overfeed reptiles, or feed them unhealthy food.

Hmmm, whether feeding live to a snake is torture or not is down to one's one morals. I wouldn't keep a snake that wouldn't accept pre-killed food because I consider livefeeding to be very cruel to the mice. The thought of being enclosed with a huge predator with no chance isn't very pleasant to me. I'm afraid I'd cull the snake; by not accepting pre-killed food it does not fit one of my requirements for a pet, and I'd get one that did accept dead mice.

To answer your questions:

1.-How do you know what to cull and what not to cull?
Depends entirely on what your goals are. I cull mice that are sick, beyond breeding/showing age, or that I simply don't need. If you're showing you would cull mice of any age with obvious faults, assuming you have enough good ones to work with. You might cull all of the pinkie males on day one because you don't need any males. Just depends. If you can a bit more specific you might get a more useful answer!

2.-When should you cull if you are going to?
Ain't no point waiting around! Just get it done ;)

Sarah xxx
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As for when to cull, as soon as you see something you don't like. Cull pinkies if you can tell there's something undesireable about them. Or cull when they're adults if you're waiting on coat type, or something that you can't tell on a pinky.
Ok so pretty much culling has to do all in ones needs. like right now i have use for maybe 1 more buck so i would obviously want to cull the remainder bucks if i couldnt sell them to good pet homes.

and well the snake came before the mice did as i have only recently started breeding mice. and i wasnt at that point considering keeping mice until i started buying in groups or 5 so i didnt have to go to the store all the time then i got attached and well... now i have 6 does (1 preg.) and 1 buck and now i am back to buying feeder mice as i dont want to feed them lol. so my plan kinda failed.

as for culling i dont have the room for a co2 tank setup as im in a 1 br apartment. and i cant kill them i think thats cruel whacking them even though i know its instant i feel bad when i see the little blood spatters in the bag :(

And no i dont over feed they all live happy until feeding day than 1 mouse gets chosen (usually a mean one as i dont tolerate biters) and then thats it the rest live happily until one more gets chosen 4 days later as i feed 2 a week.
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now when you say "theres something undesireable" is that like a birth defect? or just to do with color and sex
It can be all of those things. Colour, sex, deformity, coat type, etc. :)
As a side note, thumping is perfectly effective on mice any time before they open their eyes. Their skulls are so soft, that you can give them a rough flick on the head, and it's instant death. They kick a little, but it's just death throws.

I do pinkies this way. I thump them, then put them in the freezer. I think just putting them in the freezer seems. . . wrong somehow, lol.
as for culling i dont have the room for a co2 tank setup as im in a 1 br apartment.
It doesn't take up any room! Mine is just a little tupperware lunchbox, a plastic tube and a bottle of CO2 that's about the size of a 1.5lt bottle.

Sarah xxx
Or you can buy dry ice at a little under $1 a pound, and won't need a tank at all.
You think whacking them is cruel, but you happily watch them struggle for life for lord knows how long whilst being crushed and suffocated by a snake?
Well i'm sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense at all. Culling is just a mind space, and you should try and get yourself into it, that way its good for your snake, but also kinder on the 'food'

Like you, I have also read that live food is more nutritious for the reptile, which makes sense, since being dead and frozen and then thawed again, the mouse must lose stuff through decomposition.
Is there a handy table in your apartment? Why not take all the mice that are being fed out of there cages live, and then give them a quick whack on the side of the table and give directly to the snake. That way, they will still be warm and fresh for the snake, but the mouse will have had a quick death or at the very least be throughly stunned before being eaten.
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