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We are working towards nicely typed recessive red sex-linked brindles in standard and satin coats, black eyed silver in texel and satin texel, and hopefully soon black eyed hairless. We will also be adding manx to all 3 varieties.

We also work with rats and are working towards a line of russian blue point black eyed siamese in manx and tailed with standard coats and top ears and a line of marked mixed blue harleys in manx and tailed with top ears (the harley line we are attaining soon will also have dwarf genes, so we will probably occasionally produce dwarf as well, though we are not breeding specifically for it).

The image above links directly to our rodentry site...please feel free to also visit our homepage! We produce hand-knotted paracord dog leads that can be beaded or braided. There are a lot of things I need to add to the site (both to the rodentry and overall). I am also artist and can do pet portraits and various promotional artwork (business card design, logos, banner designs, etc).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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