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hope you all had a gr8 xmas? ... ours was good with a hickup of having my bike nicked on xmas day!

anyway got myself in a bit of a flap after trying to set up my sons computer it knocked all our pc;s off line ..... it took ages to sort out but seems ok now.... phew This was all due to a capital letter in a password........ :oops:

what really worried me was the site went down just as i was trying to conferm picking my new babies up(mice) ......thank gawd were up and running again now.

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Sorry to hear about your bike being nicked... cant belive the cheek of some people to steal on christmas day!

Sorry if the site was down, thats free hosting for you! untill we reach the donation target then the forum will remain on free hosting.

Note to all: if you enjoy using this forum plesae donate, we are not asking for alot, just £1 from ever user would more than cover it.
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