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It depends what you're going for. PEWs are generally best bred only to other PEWs. Likewise, black is best bred only to black. This is because PEWs can "hide" anything and if you bred any other variety to PEW, you'd introduce those other alleles. For black, it's because black is supposed to be so dark that no matter what you cross it to, you're going to lose some of that depth of color unless it's another black.

Mice who require a lot of red pigment, like red and cinnamon or fawn and argente, can be bred together.

But in most instances, for mice to look their best, they should be kept as pure as possible. Even if one variety "contains" another, such as silver containing blue, they still can't really be kept together because one is bred to be dark and solidly colored whereas the other is bred to be very light and delicately-colored. The same is true for chocolate and champagne, actually. Even though they use the same genetic combination, they do so in different ways.

In terms of coat (I know you asked about color), satin is the only variety that can be kept with standard without losing color, coat, or type, because satin is an "on or off" kind of thing, and there are no "poor satins."
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