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colour id help please very pic heavy

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I recently managed to get my hands on two lovely normal coated argente does (at last!) and a third young satin doe, which may or may not be argente. Her undercoat is definitely not as clearly silvery as the other two's but she looks a bit different to my original champagne satins. What do you reckon (apologies for the soil particles on the plant pot, they look huge at this magnification!)

And then there is my broken marked lot, the sniffly ones in case anyone has been reading my thread in Health. They are colours I have never come across before (fairly up on my pink eyed ones but no clue about black eyeds!) From what I have been reading the first one could be a silver agouti?

and not at all sure about the other one, apparently related to the above, if this helps at all, his coat looks a lot less 'silvered', but I am not 100% sure if it is totally plain or agouti, but it looks more plain than agouti to me. However, his undercoat does seem darker than the top, indicating it could be agouti? Anyway, here he is, my best guess is along the lines of cinnamon, which is probably wrong:

Thanks for reading! I look forward to your replies!
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Is the first one a champaign tan? Just a guess, though I am probably wrong.. :? :)
I think the first one is argente; actually a nice one. Mine are all too dark. The light blue/silver at the base of the hair is really nice. I also see the bright orange on the left hind leg; if the belly is all that color it's an argente tan. I'd love to see a pic of the belly.
The belly is not MUCH darker, nothing like the bright foxy colour I have seen on black eyed tans, but I did notice it was certainly not paler than the rest of the body, I will get a pic of the belly and post asap. Thanks for your input!!
The first is a champagne agouti; argente with a champagne undercoat instead of a dove one. You can see the band of gold at the tip of the hair and the band of champagne on the base of the hair. I think it's a very pretty colour, they tend to be a brighter gold than normal argentes. The second two are both agouti piebalds, just different shades. The first agouti could be lightly silvered, or it could be an effect of the piebald gene :)
champagne agouti - is that the colour they also call argente creme?
No, argente creme is a pink eyed chinchilla (Aw/Aw cch/cch p/p) and champagne agouti is a pink eyed cinnamon (A/A b/b p/p). Argente creme is a very pale lemon yellow ;)
Very exciting, thank you! I always thought argente was the pp form of normal agouti, and that was that!

So, have I got this right:

ordinary argente is A/A (or A/a) p/p (with normal B/B C/C ?)

champagne agouti is A/A (or A/a) b/b p/p (with normal CC ?)

argente creme is Aw/Aw c-ch/c-ch p/p (with normal B/B ?) (also, what if it's A/A or A/a without the w? - no lighter belly - different variety name again?)

phew, those genetics fry my brains!

BTW, I checked the belly of my champagne agouti and it is unfortunately not noteworthy, same as the top, that foxy looking bit on her leg must have been a shadow.

If I breed either my normal argentes or my champagne agouti to my solid champagne or doves, all F1s will be argente or champagne agouti, right? (both have dominant D?). My head is spinning!

Does anyone have a pic of a silver agouti so I could see the difference to my girls of whom I thought they were silver agouti? They look so silvery, I could have sworn there were silver agouti not just a shade of normal agouti, the silver agouti must be a much brighter silver again?!

Thanks for reading this long post and many thanks again for all the advice!!
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