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This is my first litter, and I was surprised what I found. I thought that parents were satin argente and argente, and I read in a website the possible colors. Now I'm not sure about the colors of anyone :-S My surprise were these 4 babys:

And more, the 4 are tans.

I don't understand why seems dove. They are dove or not? I'm looking the genetic of argente and doves. It's because the locus A is a/a in doves? Then, the parents are A/a. It's right?

I have also various shades of 'gold' in the others, and I don't know if they are argentes or other colors. Can you help me, please?

This is the entire litter (12):

The males, two of them have a lighter color (and a little white spot in the belly), two are more dark and resemble the father, and two more have a tone like between the others, like orange.

the two more "orange"

The white spot

The two females are more like each other, but one is darker than other. The two are satin, that's more easy to compare between her.


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You're right, you've got argente, argente satin, dove tan and dove tan satin. The parents must be either both be A/at p/p or one is A/at p/p and the other is A/a p/p to produce dove tans in the litter. The shades of both argente and dove can really vary, which is why it might seem like there are different colours.

Sarah xxx

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Thanks :mrgreen:

Actually pictures, they are very nice! :D



Aure is the most darkness ^^ (he has a white spot in the belly)

The satin argentes



The females:



The dove tan



And the females


Ayame (satin)

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