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Color question about tan

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Just figured out my little Dora has a white band on her tummy with tan on either side.

Here's a video...

What does this say about her genetically? I have this same question posted at the end of another thread, but I think it would be more appropriate here.
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So what could you do with that? *If* you bred her. Just curious.
Me? :oops: I think I'd probably BEG Moustress to let me use one of her boys. As far as color(if I had my pick)...hmmm... I'd love to bred her with another banded black/white if I had the option. I would swoon if it was a long haired banded. :lol:

Just dreaming, though.
If you bred her to another marked mouse you would probably get more marked black mice (assuming they're not both carrying something) and some tans too. And of course marked tans. :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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