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Coffee kinda tan buck

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Hello hello,

Yesterday i brought home some mice..
too bad i didn't pay much attention on the gender because the breeder let me pick out of a "Doe" box.. But i ended with five Bucks.

So i'm gonna go back to trade 4 out of 5 back for Does, but I'm really happy with the Coffee tan like Buck.

Because i'm still learning a lot in the world of mice, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the color is called exactly..
The breeder has mice by what you see is what u get. So I don't know about the parents, but it would be lovely if someone can tell me Genetic code from what u see, so i can learn to understand the working of it. :lol:

And the tummy is almost completely the light orange color, with just a few white dots..



Sorry for my bad English


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id agree with pied choc tan.

at/* b/b D/* C/* P/* s/s

he is either at/at or at/a but you wont know that with out test breeding.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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