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Chocolate or Chocolate Tan

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Is my satin buck, chocolate or chocolate tan?

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I can't tell whether that is some sort of tan gene at work or just a lighter belly, there is no clear line on the side as far as i can see.

Sorry, I couldnt get a good picture.
There is a line between top color and belly color.
It's not satin for a start...
Actually he is :)
I dont see satin either but might just be the photo, I dont think it is a tan.
In several pictures I have,you can tell he is satin.
His coat has more shine to him then my standard coats, plue his coat is soft & dense.
I don't think he is a Chocolate Tan.
I can't tell for sure if it's the mouse or the photo but he looks like he might have a pointed nose and he resembles my burmese does.
Did you breed him yourself or is he from an outside source? Could you maybe post some more pictures?

He is from an outside source.
Later today, if the weather is still good, I'll take a picture of him in natural lighting and see if that helps.
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I don't know but I'm thinking he is a burmese. He really looks to have a darker point on his face.

here is a link to my post for burmese does that I have I think they look very similar
I'm thinking he's a Chocolate Roan, what with the belly the color and configuration it is. I also agree with others, don't think he's Satin either...he does have a nice, shiny, healthy coat, but Satin mice have noticeably shiny feet, ears and his belly would be shiny too. His belly is telling me he is not Satin.
His coat type is not satin.

If he appears shinier than other mice, it is likely that he is simply in better condition than the other mice.
It doesn't look satin in the picture. Perhaps better pictures? Like the others I'm just not seeing it in these shots.
He was sold to me as satin,but I really wasnt sure he was,but Im new at coat types besides standard,lol.
I dont see how he can be in better condition then the other mice though. Everything is the same for them.
His coat is slightly longer then the others and is more glossy.

He doesnt have white in his top coat though, so could he be roan?

Could he be Burmese?
In my view, he is not roan. He is a standard-coat light (i.e. "poor") chocolate. He's really cute. I like him. :)

He might be Burmese...there's a lot of overlap in color there. The only way you'd know for sure is to breed him to a mouse whose background is completely known.
I didnt think he was roan,but someone else said they thought he was, and I wasnt sure.
He is my favorite buck. He is very friendly and pretty.
Yeah, you can tell he's a real sweetie. :)
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