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Chocolate, coffee or something else???

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I have two does that I'm thinking are light chocolates but I'm not so sure


In the second picture you may be able to see that her nose is dark then she has a light band then it gets dark again Aqua has the same thing but I don't have a picture of it

Aqua's belly color is the same shade as the stripe on both her and arora's heads Arora's belly is also this shade.
Any guesses or hints would be greatly appreciated.
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contraria said:
they are burmese or ugly.
:D If your going to say something might as well be blunt. Though I strongly dissagree.

I don't think they are cinnimon I know they looked ticked(especially the dutch marked doe) but I've looked really close and I don't think they are ticked.

If thy are burmese what color buck would I want to use as a test breeding?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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