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charges / admission fees to get in to london??

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hello everyone, i just had a thought.....dangerous i know, but i was wondering if you have to pay an admission fee or anything to get in to the leisure centre complex at Reading to actually get into where the mouse show is?????

Katytwinkle. :D
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Yes, I think that there is Katy.
I can't say I know how much it is though.
cheers Naomi, Anyone else got any ideas on the price to get in?
I know for exhibitors admission is adults £4 juniors £3
Parking pay and display,£5 all day ticket
- but apparantly can claim back £2.50 form reception (again exhibitors)
I better go to the cash machine on the way then! :shock: Thanks for letting us know!

Sarah xxx
What about admission if you are not an exhibitor?
Yeah, what if you just cheering section?? Is it more??

W xx
Help carry someone's mice in, then you can be an exhibitor!
LOL Good Idea Heather, but I will be there after the judging starts I believe...
Call me and i'll come tell them your a exhibitor or just carry bags in and tell them your exhibiting they wont know any difference
Hehee You'll have to give me your mobile number then... unless you'll be hanging with SarahY who I will be texting when I get there!!

W xx
Oh, well, if you can't be bothered to get up early like us poor exhibitors you'll just have to pay the full whack! haha! :lol:
Hehee My lovely cheap train ticket only starts after a certain time, so I'm catching the train from my station at 8:39am... I should be at Reading station for just before 10:45am I believe, so I should hopefully be at the venue for 11ish
But I will be relying heavily on trains and tubes being on time! hehe

It can't be that expensive surely? hehe I'll want a little bit of spare cash to get something to eat!

W xx
Ooo it'll be a push, but i'm sure I can manage that and still have some money for food and drinks!

I'm glad you're able to make it, Sam!

Looking forward to seeing everyone :D

Sarah xxx
Phil is taking me otherwise i wouldn't of been going as my crusty ear goo if affecting my balance. When every one see's me tomorrow i dont want anyone trying to peer down my ear! lol
Awww Sam! Spoil all my fun :( ;)
Make sure someone brings a magnifying glass so we can all have a good look :lol: :lol:
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