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Cats, Dogs, and Gerbils, oh my!

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I am REALLY bored and severely craving the opportunity to post pictures somewhere, anywhere. So prepare yourselves, here I go!

This is my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, Jake. He's 12 years old and while he still looks great for his age and acts like a 5 year old (noisy and rambunctious and TOTALLY willing to help herd the cats into proper behavior patterns), he's finally starting to show his age. He's got some fatty tumors, and a MASSIVE lump of fluid on his hip that's going to be drained soon (he's looking forward to it: it's a tender spot right now)

(I took these pics earlier today, the first pics of him in a couple of months, something I kept meaning to do for forever but kept putting off until the sun had already set)

Willow is 9 years old and a little bit crazy. She's skittish as all heck and a grouchy old thing when she wants to be left alone (which is most of the time), but mornings are her favorite time of day (we think she loves cold weather) and she's especially sweet then.

Buffy's our little 7 year old orphan. She was born on the streets (I think), but ended up at a pet hospital when she was 4 weeks old, with her mom and litter. For reasons I'm not sure of, mom and all the rest of the litter was put down (I'm under the impression that they were sick), and Buffy was the lone survivor. Willow took her under her wing and raised her, and now Buffy is all grown up and a perfectly normal cat, albeit with a few minor quirks handed down from the quirky, odd Willow. She's very opinionated, Buffy is, and we love it.

This is Molly, my 5 year old baby girl. She's standoffish and skittish around everyone, but since I'm the one who feeds her (her reason for living), she decided to bond to me. So I'm the only one who knows her true personality; nobody else really knows what she's like and she's been here since she was 5 months old. I find it sad, to say the least, but she is how she is.

This is Domino, a skittish little gerbil (then again, he's only been here a week)

This is Giacomo, a more outgoing, curious guy

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They're all so cute! I LOVE Molly and Jake, they are absolutely stunning to look at. They both have such beautiful eyes :D
awww I love australian shepards such beautiful dogs along with border collies so Jake would be my ideal dog ;)

Buffy reminds me of my cat Molly and Domino is like my gerbil Kit.
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