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I thought I was doing pretty good with genetics, except I couldn't figure out why the baby mice never turn out the color I expected... Turns out, my parents carry a whole boatload of c-dilutes, and so now I've been trying to figure those out.

So far I have (correct me if I'm wrong):
A* cch/cch chinchillated agouti
Aw/* cch/cch chinchilla
at/* cch/cch fox
a/* ch/ch red eyed siamese
a/* ch/ce black eyed siamese
a/* ce/c cream
c/c albino

So my questions are to fill in the gaps in my c-dilute knowledge.

Most, what does the following look like?


I know there are a lot other combinations and such out there, but I'm only focusing on these ones right now. Thanks.

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a/a cch/c - a muddy brown, sometimes called 'sepia' or 'mock chocolate'
A/* cch/c - agouti version of the above, which is a dirty, streaky looking pale brown mouse
a/a ch/c - Himalayan
A/* ch/c - agouti based Himalayan, usually has very poor points
a/a ce/ce - stone in UK, beige in USA
A/* ce/ce - another dirty, streaky, brownish mouse

Otherwise everything else is correct, except that A/* cch/cch is known as 'silver agouti', and Chinchilla can also be made with the tan gene: A/at cch/cch :)

Sarah xxx
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