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Broken marked mice??

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Hi there, just needing some advice on my mice. I am pretty sure that the mice i have are all broken marked but just wanted to comfirm this. the colours i have are:-

Black & white
Dark Brown & white
Light brown / chocolate & white
A light brown & white ( sandy colour / orangie)
silver / very light grey & white ( one of these also has red eyes)

they are all petterned differently, with no particular markings ect.

Just wanted some advice really as im new to this.

I can put pics up on request

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Broken is a show standard marking that has a coloured spot on the side of the nose and other, randomly placed coloured spots over a white body, so your mice would be referred to as piebald :)

Sarah xxx
ok so even tho my mice are different colours are they all refered to as piebald??

Amy xx
Yeah, in most animals it means coloured and white. You'd call them black piebald, champagne piebald, etc.

Sarah xxx
ahhh ok thankyou so much. this is very helpfull. are there any classes for piebald mice at shows??
No because it's an unstandardised marking. You can see all of the standardised varieties on the NMC website at - the ones listed on the varieties standards pages are the ones you can show. The website is down for maintainance, but should be back up by tomorrow morning.

Sarah xxx
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