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My long term goal, I'd like to breed me a broken blue satin astrex.

I have my blue boy who doesn't carry broken; my argente astrex; a black and a choc broken does.

Astrex X Blue ~ Keep an Astrex doe;
Breed that astrex doe back to her Daddy for Astrex blue. *fingers crossed*
Keep the resulting blue in either gender.

Broken X Blue ~ Keep the best sized buck/2 does
Breed that trio together for broken blues *fingers crossed*
Keep the resulting blue in opposite gender.

Breed the two together and keep a pair of astrex coated blues;
Breed THOSE together for astrex brokens. Hopefully.
Breed two astrex brokens together for double astrex; tighter curls.

If satin doesn't crop up from potential satin carriers in this process
Breed broken blue double astrex to satin blue; keep blue astrex offspring buck, doe, doe
Breed trio for hopefully double astrex satin broken blue.

Whew. I think that works out o.o. Who wants to bet my litters don't throw enough/the right gendered blues? Or I get astrex coats on the wrong colours? Still, should keep me busy for a bit :D.
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