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brindle satin girl to a merle banded male?

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This is my brindle satin girl and she was bred to the merle banded male below. Pups are a few days old right now. I am calling her brindle because another mouse breeder in Illinois saw her in person and told me she was brindle. I hope you all agree. If she is then my next plan is to take her to what I think is my brindle LH male unless you all tell me he is agouti and not brindle.

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So doesn't anyone have an opinion on the color of this girl? Is she a red brindle satin? Or does she look like an agouti of some kind? I am really curious to see what I am going to get bred to this merle male. The babies are less than a week old right now but I can see that some are darker than others and some have white obviously! VBG
She looks satin brindle to me - not sure what kind of brindle, black, agouti, tan, etc. but I had a satin brindle tan that could be her twin. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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