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Recently, I've been trying to get better tan bellies by crossing to fawn, and then I read in this forum that you get a nice even color on the belly of a fawn but crossing to a tan. I take it the light belly is a typical problem with fawn. So my thinking was backwards, I guess. I have a satin marked champagne tan buck from the pairing of two fawns, so now I know that one of the parents must carry the tan gene. That young buck is the best tan belly I've produced in my mousery in several years.

"The tan-gene is actually a very interesting one. It is dominant over a, and partly dominant over A. With A it is dominant on the belly and recessive on the top." from the Finnmouse pages...I don't quite get it possible to have an A^t or is it always a^t, and if so, why? And is it correct that a mousie homozygous for tan has a better color? Or is just based on the strength of the tan factor itself?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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