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breeding choices

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I have two girls at the moment that I plan to breed, but I don't know who to pair up. One female is a pied/ spotted silvered black and the other is a satin brindle pied/spotted, fox if it is possible on a pied. Here are my two males:

I have no idea what I'll get with the breedings. Does anything stand out as a good pairing?
All constructive opinions appreciated!
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Im definitely interested to see what you turn out with.
How do you suggest pairing them up? Or should I use just one male for both girls? I may play matchmake in the next day or two, but I have no idea what my possible outcomes are. I'm all ears to suggestions! FWIW, the orange longhair male is my favorite looking one.
Personally, I'd pair the orange with both the girls, though black-based ry tends to be sooty. I wonder if the brindle-based ry would be sooty only in parts. I'm not as much a fan of the brindle, though, and if you are, you should put the brindle male and female together for a guaranteed bunch of brindles.
I'm definatly leaning that way. Do you think there is a chance in Hades that I will get some that look like the longhaired father?
It would depend on what they're carrying as recessives. If they're from the same shop, they probably do carry some similar genes. Since he's satin, your satin doe will produce all satins, and if your other doe is carrying satin, you'd get half satin and half satin-carriers. If they're carrying the recessive yellow or longhair, you'll get half like that, and half carriers.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. As soon as I decide how best to introduce them to each other, I will.
I weighted my girls for reference and put them in Tom's cage. Here are pictures of everyone:


Ms. Phantom:

Mira weighed in at 24g and Ms. Phantom at 28g. Tom definatly seems interested in his new tank mates. I'll start adding some extra protein to their diet tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed. Mira is satin, so all the babies shoudl be satin. I have no clue what colors they will have. Ms. Phantom is not satin, so I'll be finding out if she carries a recessive satin gene. No idea what her babies will look like either. I found a new shop today that had a good selection of satin yellows, so I now have some females in Tom's color for after QT.
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I just weighed the girls and they have both put on a gram. I hope this means they are pregnant.
p.s. Tom is 42g
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