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Bradford/Harrogate 2013

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99.9% of shows are on a Saturday so not an issue for mouse exhibitors.I posted a link to this show because it has a wider appeal to people interested in keeping a variety of small animals including pet keepers and is held over 2 days.
some of those rabbits are amazing.Proceeds from the auction do not go to the club at this event.
How come Digby isn't jumping or is that on the Saturday only?
I was wowed by the footage of the overseas ones.Maybe next year for Digby :)
It's against show rules to buy and sell stock.There are auctions for rabbits,mice and g .pigs.
It's not an NMC issue,it's specific to this show and it's organisers Burgess and covers all animals at the venue.It's to fall inline with welfare issues specifically the prevention of impulse buying .Any query should be taken up with Burgess.Entrance money to the event is also nothing to do with the NMC in the same way that entry money for say Crufts plus it's rules and regulations would be nothing to do with the chihuahua club or the staffordshire bull terrier club.It's not 'our' point of view,it's the rules of the event.
I like Manchester,small and friendly.Harrogate is a bit impersonal I find but of course lots to see.There won't be animals for sale at Manchester,you'd need to make advance arrangements.
no there isn't a specific rule at other shows but it's fairly unusual to get random members of the public rolling up to smaller shows.I can't imagine the occasional one would be frog marched out .If anyone is ever concerned about what they can and can't do it's best to contact the show secretary.Much better than misunderstandings.Virtually all of the shows that are public events have websites with contact details.For smaller shows you need to be a club member or ask someone that is a club member to enquire on your behalf.
you can join on the day yes,the secretary will be there and it will be fine to bid in that case.
1 - 10 of 30 Posts
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