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Bradford/Harrogate 2013

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ThatCertainGlow said:
Oh wo
w, and 'The Rabbit Grand National'. I had no idea rabbits enjoyed such things. :) That video is adorable.
I have a jumping rabbit ;) He wont be jumping at Harrogate though.....

Ill be there on the Sunday though =]
ThatCertainGlow said:
I sure hope somebody takes pictures of the mice. :) I'd like to see the actual mice that win and place. What on earth is the mouse auction listed? Surely it's not what I think?
Exactly what it days mice to be auctioned off.....these are if course put under a judge first to make sure they are good healthy stock true to the standard set with i think proceeds to go back to the club.
SarahC said:
some of those rabbits are amazing.Proceeds from the auction do not go to the club at this event.
Aaahhh, now i know i do recall a converstation regarding auctions and where the money goes just cant think where it was and at which auction class tge money goes to the club or if its split ect....
SarahC said:
How come Digby isn't jumping or is that on the Saturday only?
I think they are bringing the Swedish in again to display, Digby isnt upto the standard that their rabbits are.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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